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Hello and Welcome to The I Can't Stand Podcast

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live with a disability? The I Can't Stand Podcast is for everyone who has a question or just wondered about disability. No questions are off-limits any question you have is allowed. Every week Peta will answer any question you have, based on her experiences as a single, 30- something woman who has Cerebral Palsy.


Podcast Transcript:

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome to The I Can't Stand Podcast, the podcast, answering your questions about what life is like when you have a disability. I'm your host. My name's Peta and I, in fact, have a disability.

[00:00:26] Every week this podcast will be answering one of your questions about disability. The question can be about anything, anything you've ever wondered about disability.

[00:00:37] And on this podcast, there's no such thing as a wrong or silly question.

[00:00:42] You might know someone with a disability, you might work in disability or you might know nothing about disability, maybe you've never even met someone with a disability.

[00:00:55] You have now. Hi! :)

[00:00:58] So why am I the person to ask you about disability? Well, I'm 30. I live in Melbourne. I'm single and I also have cerebral palsy, a disability I've had from birth. So, I know it inside out. I actually don't know any different. I only know what it's like to have a disability.

[00:01:18] So I feel like I'm the perfect person to ask. Not only that, I'm a pretty open book. I'm not scared of the hard questions, the politically incorrect questions or the questions you necessarily wouldn't ask in front of your, Grandma.

[00:01:35] I mean, one of the weirdest questions I've ever got is whether I actually own a bed. Spoiler alert, I do.

[00:01:45] This podcast is going to be a conversation I want to get to know you. I want to help you better understand disability from a person who lives with it every day.

[00:01:58] Finally, The I Can't Stand Podcast is in your feed, updated every Tuesday. They are super short and to the point, no mucking about.

[00:02:09] So the best way you can ask me a question is either via the website Send me an email, or you can follow me on Instagram @icantstandpodcast. All the links will be in the description.

[00:02:31] I am honestly so excited to get your questions, and I'm so excited to be the friend in your ears, so congratulations, you officially have a friend with a disability.

[00:02:44] Answering your questions from the 5th of January, 2021.


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